Decisive Action for Canada’s Election in 2019

My commitment to advocacy in the Federal Election year of 2019 is clear.  As President I will push CMA's  represention of doctors and our patients, to:

  • Become a fighting force on Pharmacare, slicing through the red tape and taking on the lobby groups which prevent this from becoming a reality.
  • Advocate for a government that believes in reconciliation and wants to actively build a healthy partnership with indigenous communities.
  • Ask for commitments to ensure the next government will protect and care for the people who protect us – Canada’s veterans, RCMP and active Armed Forces.
  • Establish a federal commitment to resources and coordination throughout the youth mental health sector.
  • Ask for a respectful, consultative relationship with the government, and avoid examples like the 2018 tax changes.
  • Work with the 2019 Government of Canada to prevent seniors from living in hospital beds.


Policy Posts – Election 2019