Diversity, Respect and our Medical Culture

I believe that our profession is better for supporting diverse thinking, treating each other well and showing leadership across the healthcare space.  My Presidency would focus on:

  • Leadership. Physicians are inherent leaders in the health care system. We need more who are willing to step up, from every background.  Sponsorship and promotion of people and ideas that our not like ours makes our profession strong.  I will ensure this happens.
  • The ability to adapt. Doctors are beleaguered and buffeted by waves of change. We need to channel our energy into productive leadership. We’re either at the table, or we’re on the menu.  I want to be part of the conversation on behalf of the profession, showcasing our shared values and a modern view of the Association.
  • Professionalism. We should promote a medical culture with less bullying and more support.  This is done by walking the talk.  I have not, and will not, tolerate the belittling of one group of physicians to make another look stronger.  I will stand up to incivility and raise up those who are under attack.  I will defend the right of all to have an opinion on policy and practice and work constantly to translate ideas building bridges between us.
  • Taking care of each other. We need to focus on physician health and the concept of career wellness.  Being connected to our careers via the strong relationship we have with patients and each other is a certain path to recreating the joy we felt when we were accepted into medical school.  I will start and nurture conversations that bring forth an optimistic view.  I will promote a culture that connects, not isolates.  I will provoke the CMA to think creatively in finding permanent fixes for the issues that face us every day producing feelings of burnout.  I want our jobs to be seen as adding to our lives, not taking away from them.  I will work endlessly toward these efforts as President.
Policy Posts – Diversity, Inclusion and Support