Politics and Physicians

It seems like every day last week, Ontarians woke up to news of another political career imploding. It is an interesting time in Ontario politics, as we look to a provincial election just six months away. As doctors, we might like to think we can afford to be disinterested in classic politics and political tactics, but we most certainly cannot.

Doctors need to be active participants in politics.

Regardless of what you think of the Ontario Medical Association, it is an advocate for doctors and patients and a political organization. The OMA has had a tumultuous last few years, but I’m a big believer in the role of our political organizations to bring voter attention to health care challenges that matter. If medical political bodies don’t do this the health care system in general, and the medical profession in particular, is in trouble.

There is no more important time for bodies like the OMA than a provincial election. Discussions held during the election and the influence on political party platforms set the tone for negotiations, health care lobbying, legislation, and more.

Likewise, the Canadian Medical Association must play a major role in the 2019federal election. The winning candidate for CMA nominee for President-elect will be the President of the CMA during this important electoral milestone. The CMA must bring issues related to national Pharmacare, indigenous peoples, active service and veteran armed forces members, seniors care, and mental health to the forefront. The leader of the CMA during this time has to be an effective and energetic communicator. They must be modern and agile. They must be prepared to stand up.

This is what I will bring to the CMA for Election 2019. I’m pleased to be running in this election with  modern vision and #BoldPhysicianLeadership as my biggest asset.

Voting begins February 15th. I hope to gain your trust and support.

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