Supporting Physicians and Innovating in our Health System

 I believe strongly in the need to support physicians as the health system changes around us.  This will involve innovative thinking and co-creation.  My pledge for being President is to:


  • Foster the role of mentorship and education. Established and new physicians do best learning from each other.  It is not an us vs. them mindset that is required.  It is an open mind to new ideas that make us stronger together. I gain more from my mentees than they gain from me.  As President I will foster mentorships and communities that allow us to share nationally across boundaries.  Technology can help.  I have a deep understanding of how to make it work for us not against us. 
  • Celebrate medicine as an incredible career which gives us as many opportunities as challenges. I will work to end the feeling of beleaguerment felt by so many of us.  I will use all my experience to help my colleagues feel the same way I do about the role of our leadership in making progressive change happen around us.
  • Actively include the voices of students and residents in CMA strategy.  I will fight for solutions on major issues affecting you.  CaRMS matching must be overhauled to ensure fairness and matched to a national work force initiative that looks at least 8 years ahead with strong predictive data.  I will push for freezing skyrocketing tuition fees that will soon make medicine an option for only the rich.  Debt is becoming overwhelming for learners and is strongly influencing specialty choices favouring procedure-based sub-sub specialties rather than generalism.  I will act to manage this issue nationally. 
  • Celebrate new thinking in medicine and push innovators to scale up their ideas into practice.  Our profession is a wealth of intelligent creative minds.  We know what the system needs.  I will fight to bring innovative ideas to the forefront producing real health system solutions.  I will push for startup thinking to stop endless pilot projects and move to rapid cycle assessments getting ideas and products to market quickly and safely.  I will never forget the idea that in many cases "less is more" for those who are well, and that data and evidence can direct treatments producing better outcomes.  I will always be open to change and your ideas as President.
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