My Promise to Medical Students, Residents and New Graduates

Supporting Medical Students, Residents and New-in-Practice Physicians is incredibly important to me. 

I have a long history of being by your side in my teaching practice, bolstering your OMSA leaders during very difficult times last year, mentoring individuals, and speaking at practice management and leadership forums throughout the country.  I strongly believe you are our biggest hope and the future of our profession lies in your able hands.

There are three pillars to my platform that I want to tell you about today.

First, we must create a medical culture of respect, inclusion, and diversity.

Second, we will support each other through our conversations, actions and innovative thinking.

Third, I will lead decisively on the issues of election 2019 for Canada’s doctors.

So what does this mean for students and residents? My promise to you is this:

  • I will push hard for a solid permanent approach to rising tuition costs and your unbridled debt, via ideas like tuition freeze, debt relief for residents, loan forgiveness programs with less red tape etc.
  • I will fight for a fair CaRMS match where no Canadian graduate is left behind or forced to leave our country.
  • I will advocate for supporting students who do not match maintaining meaningful work and education until they match again.
  • I will prioritize the creation of a national health human resources strategy that uses data to look ahead 8 to 10 years and plan upstream to match supply and demand for jobs.
  • I will stand up against bullies who treat you unfairly and act unprofessionally.
  • I acknowledge that our current approach to resilience has missed the mark with students and residents and want to talk about how to find joy in this amazing career path you are on.
  • I will help students who decide not to pursue clinical medicine find equal respect and value in the health system in using their unique thinking and skills.  Your education is not lost on me.
  • I will promote and sponsor your leadership and place at the table with mentorship and effective support for your valued opinions.
  • I will protect voting rights for students and residents in medical associations
  • I will support students driving education reform toward inclusion of quality and advocacy

The Election begins February 15th. I hope you will vote Larsen4CMA with the promise of #BoldPhysicianLeadership and a modern CMA that reflects your values.  We are stronger together!

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