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Writing and Video pieces from my work

Transitions in Care - from Health Quality Ontario Quorum : click here Why It's So Hard for Doctors to Create Electronic Records: click here EMR as a Tool for Safer Opioid Prescribing:  click here Innovations in Healthcare Delivery (Rotman School of Business) - video:  click here Digital Health Week in Canada - video:  click here Use of Medical Apps in Practice: click here My Records are Still on Paper; Should I Be Worried? (Globe and Mail Interview): click here Progress in the Advanced Use of Medical Records (Journal of Internet Medical Research): click here Change Day Ontario Partnership - video : click here News Release:  Canadian Association of Health Informatics Medical Leadership Award: click here Tips for Tomorrow's Leaders and Overcoming Failure; Digital Health Canada Blog: click here Insights4Care: From Data to Action - webinar: click here Physician Accountability; Canadian Health Human Resources Network: click here CMA New In Practice 2015: click here Moving Forward with EMRs: click here Time for an Integrated Disruption in Transitions in Care: click here Population Health: How Do We Get to Where We Need to Be?: click here Virtual Care Tools - Why Aren't We Using Them? click here Trust in the Era of Accountability: click here Physician Accountability: Strategies for Leadership and Professionalism: click here Optimism in Healthcare Leadership - Finding Water in the Desert:  click here How Conversations Become Culture: Physicians Leading in Complex Times:  click here

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