Leading a Modern CMA

Every organization calls itself “innovative” these days. None wants to be seen as stuck or old.  Disruption and Innovation have become buzzwords.

CMA does not fall into this category.  It is walking the walk.

The Association is undergoing a huge transformation. It is taking a radical approach in redefining its governance, reducing the number and size of its board by nearly half. These board members will be more and more skills-based and will represent important national communities as well as geographies.  Importantly, the patient voice will be included so that policy direction is always taking the best patient care into account.  This is not to say that CMA does not represent physicians.  It absolutely does.  But it wants to stay modern and there is nothing to be done in health care in this generation that should exclude their perspective.

The 2019 presidential year will be pivotal to the success of this transformation. Bold Physician Leadership will be required to ensure that the fledgling structure is effective and nimble enough to produce meaningful change.  Internal reorganization preoccupied those who are concerned with fairness and equity.  It involves staff.  It must be measured with constant evaluation to note the effect of change. These kinds of governance reforms are happening around the country.  OMA Council, AMA’s Representative Forum, and Doctors British Columbia are all watching our governance changes closely.

While looking inward is important, 2019/20 will also have a lot going on outside. The Association must provide advocacy and represent the values of its members during a Federal Election year.  During this period, I believe we must be the most vocal we have ever been in our 150-year history.

I am the kind of leader required for this transition.  There are skills required to for cohesion during changing times, and my strengths and experience support that.  First, I am a clear and deliberate communicator, believing in transparency and honesty in everything I say.  Second, I am skilled at building bridges between opposing opinions and seek to find a common ground that meets the needs of many.  Third, I thrive on connecting dots and bringing forward new ideas or finding commonality between existing ones that allow progress to continue.

My endorsers speak to this in spades.

Beyond its own Board, CMA believes deeply in innovation. Three years ago it spun off a new subsidiary called Joule.   This company is behaving like a start-up. It invests in physicians by offering top notched leadership training through the Physician Leadership Institute and the Practice Management Curriculum. It awards grants to physician innovators not only in technology, but also importantly in more difficult social policy spaces. It incubates physician-led companies that are changing the landscape of healthcare in Canada and internationally through investment and co-marketing. I have been part of this work for years.  First I helped to plan Joule’s inception from an idea launched in the Knowledge for Practice advisory group at CMA, which I co-chaired.  When Joule became a reality I applied and selected to be one of its first Directors, a position I still hold today.

I understand the CMA.  I live innovation. I work to enable physicians through the best use of working technology. And I flourish in watching incredible social policy ideas come to life.

Can CMA innovate? Not only can it, but it must. It has to disrupt the status quo to remain relevant in the health care system.  We have a brave new future ahead of us nationally and I will contribute to that with #BoldPhysicianLeadership.  I hope you will support me in this quest for President Elect Nominee.

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