Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about the election process are answered below.

Q:  Who can vote in this election?

A:  Any Ontario physician who is a member of the Canadian Medical Association is eligible to vote.

Q:  Why can only Ontario physicians vote if this is a national association?

A:  The Presidency of CMA rotates around the country in four zones:  Quebec, Ontario, East, West.  The  President-elect is nominated from their home province via a local election, but the province’s selection is then ratified at the larger CMA General Council in August.  The Council represents the entire country.

Q:  When is the election date?

A:  Voting occurs electronically over a three-week period from February 15, 2018 – March 7, 2018.  Members will be sent voting packages for participation.  The winner will be announced March 8th.

Q:  How many people are running?

A:  There are four candidates: myself, Dr. Atul Kapur (Ottawa), Dr. Mamta Gautam (Ottawa) and Dr. Sandy Buchman (Toronto).

Q:  I can’t choose between candidates!  Should I just not vote?

A:  You should definitely still vote.  The voting system involves a ranked ballot.  You choose your top three candidates in order.  If there is no clear majority then second choices still contribute!  Please vote!  Tell all your friends to vote.  Lets all vote!!  🙂