Four questions answered in

1) Parents who don’t want to have their children immunized are… …as deserving of our care as anyone else. Of course, we ought to emphasize the personal and public benefits of vaccines. Several patients in my practice initially opted against vaccinations. Usually, this was due to fear from inaccurate stories shared online and in popular […]

Recent interview about my Candidacy in The Medical Post – by Dr. Sunny Malhotra

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Darren Larsen. He is Chief Medical Information Officer at OntarioMD, and a candidate the position of President Elect Nominee of the Canadian Medical Association. Dr. Larsen has leading edge insights about the state of medical care in Canada and the application of technologies that could solve […]

My Promise to Medical Students, Residents and New Graduates

Supporting Medical Students, Residents and New-in-Practice Physicians is incredibly important to me.  I have a long history of being by your side in my teaching practice, bolstering your OMSA leaders during very difficult times last year, mentoring individuals, and speaking at practice management and leadership forums throughout the country.  I strongly believe you are our […]