And in closing… my thanks!

Friends and colleagues,

This is the last postl you will receive from me in my campaign to become President Elect nominee of the Canadian Medical Association. (Phew, you say!!)

The past three months have been really exciting for me.  One of the best things about “putting myself out there” has been the interaction I have had with all of you.  You have challenged my thinking, provided me with ideas, offered support and critiqued my views allowing me to produce a campaign that was authentic, honest and multi-dimensional. It was much more than I expected it to be!

I want to thank all of the many, many people who helped me along the way.  You know who you are! You corrected my writing.  You pushed me to go deeper in my thinking.  You caused me to see both sides of every story.  You propped me up when I was feeling tired.  And you shared with me that you thought I was doing the right thing even when I doubted it myself. Having each of you as part of this process has been one of the most unique privileges of my life.  I have forged incredibly strong relationships as a result that will go on for years.

Voting ends tonight at midnight.  If you have already cast your ballot (despite the effort involved due to the voting platform glitches we saw) I applaud and thank you. Your persistence is so appreciated!   If you have not yet cast your vote, there are a few hours left, so I hope you will do so now with your CMA member number and PIN that was emailed twice over the past three weeks.  Results will be shared with the candidates tomorrow at 9:30 am, so keep your ears and eyes open!  If I end up as the winner I will be incredibly happy as all my effort will have borne results.  If another candidate wins I will be content knowing that the CMA will be in very good hands as each of us would do well as President Elect.

It has been a distinct honour to run in this election with three other exceptional candidates:  Dr. Sandy Buchman, Dr. Mamta Gautam and Dr. Atul Kapur.  The campaign has been respectful and forward looking.  We always stayed above the weeds and showcased our unique strengths without coming close to negative talk about each other.  We have spent a lot of time together on the road, visiting medical schools, and in conversations about effective leadership.  I have learned so much from each of you and I know that our collective thinking has done much to improve the culture of respect and professionalism in our profession.  We have changed the conversation and advanced the optimism of our peers. Thank you so much.

In closing, I am attaching a fun infographic about my campaign activities over the past few months.  It has been such a great experience for me.

Again, my sincere thanks.


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